How To Enable Concurrent Sessions In Windows 7

Do you have a windows 7 machine that you manage remotely?  Maybe you have a machine that your wife or child uses, or a media center machine in the front room that you want to make changes to while somebody else is using it?  Enabling Concurrent Sessions in Windows 7 will allow you to do this i.e. allow more than one person to be logged into Windows 7 at the same time.

Enabling concurrent sessions in Windows 7 is easy:

  1. Download the file from this post,  and remember where you extracted the files e.g C:\Win7RDP
  2. Go to the folder where you extracted the files, right click on “install.cmd” and select “Run as Administrator”

Now if you want to enable Multiple Concurrent Sessions i.e. log in on the same account more than once:

  1. Launch a Command Prompt with Administrator priveleges (Start > CMD > Right Click > Run as Administrator)
  2. At the C:\Windows\System32 prompt type “cd\Win7RDP”
  3. type “install multi” and hit enter


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