The App Addict’s Guide to Savvy Shopping

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In the land of deals there are always a few days that reign supreme. But with mobile phone shopping at an all time high, consumers can position themselves to get an endless supply of discounts and special offers. These deals are as varied as they are plentiful. Users can find cut-rate prices on individual items as well as storewide savings. Specific sales are perfect for getting the lowest prices on “hot” products like the new iPhone or Kindle Fire. Storewide savings really come in handy for big items like lawnmowers, washers or tables that are rarely discounted. Forget Black Friday and take a look at some of the best apps to keep you in the green everyday.

There are tons of applications available for finding deals. Chinoki is known as the “cherry picking” app. Once Android or iPhone users have the application set-up they will select some of their favorite businesses. Chinoki will text the user when special deals come out from their selected brands. Chinoki users will be exposed to fewer offers overall—because they’re waiting on the stores to create them. But Chinoki helps cut through the junk because all the deals users do receive are relevant.

The Shopkick app promotes certain “hot” items. Users get “kickbucks” for just walking into stores that feature the items. They can also get them by scanning barcodes and purchasing promoted apps. The kickbucks can be redeemed for additional savings, gift cards or other incentives. Most of the shopkick promotions are only available for people who have application, which is free for Android and iPhone users.

Shopkick isn’t the only app that encourages consumers to scan barcodes. Redlaser has around 12 million users. This app uses a phone’s camera to capture barcodes and search for a more competitive price. It will also list the nearby stores the product can be found in, or if you scan a book, it will check the local library for a copy. Redlaser can provide additional information on the product you are scanning. Users can look-up reviews for video games or nutrition facts on food items.

Melissa is an avid blogger who regularly writes for Sears and other brands she trusts and thrives on sharing her secrets for finding great deals.


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