How To Copy Protected CDs To Your PC

Last week my wife purchased a nursery rhyme CD for our little girl and she asked me to add it to our music library.  At first I couldn’t as the CD included copy protection, but then I found an easy way to make a copy of CDs with copy protection, or Digital Rights Management (DRM).

All you need is a copy of iTunes, which will allow you to make a copy of your CD, so that you can add the MP3 files to your music library, or to your mp3 player.

  1. Open iTunes and insert your CD
  2. Setup your iTunes import preferences
  3. Click on ‘File’ and select ‘New Playlist’ and give your playlist a name
  4. Now click on your CD, select all the tracks and drag them onto your new playlist
iTunes will now add your protected CD tracks to your music library.  Simple.


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