Create RSS Feed Mashup With ChimpFeedr

Yes, people do still use RSS! Although RSS maybe never took off outside of the blogger community, it is still a very powerful tool for easily following multiple websites.   One of the other uses of RSS is to promote on your site the latest posts from another site.

This can become messy if you own a number of sites, or if you want to promote RSS feeds from several friends or partners, as each feed would traditionally need its own widget.  However, there’s a great free service from the email company MailChimp called ChimpFeedr.  This free service allows you to enter multiple RSS feeds to create one single feed of all the posts.

Creating a mashup feed is simple; just enter the address of each feed you want to add and when you’ve finished click ‘Chomp Chomp!’ and you’ll be given a new RSS feed url that combines all your feeds.

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