Top 10 Sites To Occupy Your Idle Time

Sometimes time can be really slow. Minutes seem like hours and idleness becomes an intolerable botheration. When you find nothing occupying your time, head on over to the internet and take advantage of the countless tools built only to entertain you.

We have gathered a list of 10 of the most interesting websites you can spend your idle time on. Without you even noticing it, time will fly by and you would be left highly entertained. Read on.


XKCD is a comic strip website which uploads a new strip about every three days. The comics aren’t for everyone’s tastes as they often involve science, math, and even metaphysics. For anybody who has even a little knowhow in these fields, the comics can prove to be quite funny. However not all comics are for “intellectuals;” some strips, as in the image above can be understood by everybody and provide an entertaining read. The number of strips on the site is countless and all can be browsed by the RANDOM button.

2. PlaySEGA

PlaySEGA is an amazing website which lets users play FLASH versions of SEGA games for absolutely free! Games are sorted in categories so you can easily find one that suits your tastes. You can also search for a particular game if you know its name. Although a lot of games can be played for free after a simple registration, the best games fall under the paid plan. Try out PlaySEGA and you’ll be hooked to the screen in no time. And be warned: switching over to the paid plan will become quite tempting.

3. SeeNOW

If you’re lookingfor a way to have fun with your friends’ photographs, pay a visit to the free website SeeNow. SeeNOW can blend any picture of a face you take into different scenarios causing hilarious results. When you upload a picture, the site automatically adjust the contours, brightness, and lighting of the result to achieve better results. Sometimes the results are amazing which makes the picture even funnier. SeeNOW will keep you occupied for a long time.

4. BitStrips

Reading the strips on XKCD might spark the thought of creating your own comic series. The hardest part about that is not coming up with funny ideas but perhaps drawing the characters. With the brilliantly user-friendly interface of BitStrips, comics can be easily created by choosing our characters and placing them in a timeline. We can add text into every frame, giving our comic the final touch. In no time, your funny thought would have materialized as a comic. If you’re not in the mood to create your own comic, then read from the numerous comic strips created by other users. Time will fly.

5. Gizmoz

If you are truly idle then you have the time to spice up your social networking experience in a very unique way. This unique way is Gizmoz. This website lets us create cartoon-like characters out of our photographs. Recently they have joined hands with DAZ3D and now we can even create 3D cartoon-like characters. Short videos can also be made in which our character says anything we want him/her to say. The character or the video can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever network you’re on. Gizmoz will let you spend your idle time doing something that will amuse your social networking contacts.

6. Cyclomaniacs

Contless FLASH games can be found on the internet but only a handful are as engaging and addictive as Cyclomaniacs.

With easy controls, various levels of different difficulty, and a good overall feel, Cyclomaniacs has all the ingredients for a good game. The objective is to race our bike and finish first. But it’s not exactly that simple. Along the way we need to gain “stunt points” by performing tricks in the air and making our biker do scary aerobic tricks. A game that will keep you hooked, Cyclomaniacs is worthy option to spend your idle time on.

7. Memoov

If you want more out of your idle time than creating comic strips, then promote to creating animations. You might think special computer programming and graphics knowledge is required to create an animation. But Memoov is one website which not only programming-illiterate users can enjoy but also ones who don’t know how to draw! Pick a character, customize him/her, place him/her in a scene, and choose its actions. You can even have your character speak different dialogs. Create an animation in your free time and share it on YouTube to share it with friends and family.

8. DoodleWall

When bored in class or attending an uninteresting meeting, we often find ourselves doodling on a piece of paper. With DoodleWall, you can do the same on your monitor! Create a username and then a wall, then start doodling. You can keep the private, public, or share it with selected friends. A simple tool, it can lead to a lot of interesting ideas if you put your creativity to it. See how you can have fun with this simple website by visiting it.

9. GoAnimate

A great alternative to Memoov is GoAnimate that provides users with a better interface (and better characters plus scenes plus sounds effects) to choose from. The timeline shown at the bottom of the page lets users easily organize their scenes and create better animations. Once a work is complete, it can be shared on the same site and the URL can be given out to other people. We can also view others’ created animations on the site and gather a lot of great ideas along with getting some quality entertainment.

10. Festisite’s Personalized Money

Ever wonder how you face would look like on a currency note? Well now you don’t have to hire a printing press to get that job done. All you do is head on over to Festisite’s Personalized Money Generator page, upload a picture which you want to appear on the note, and click on FINALIZE. Your custom currency note will be created in a jiffy. The array of different currencies and denominations is quite impressive. Upload a friend’s photo and share the results with him/her to get a good laugh.

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