3 Free Websites to Download YouTube Videos in HD Format

There are a number of installable applications available which let us enter the URL of a YouTube video and then download it. Some of the programs are really great and even provide us with the ability to convert the file format of the downloaded video.

Using these applications can become difficult if you are working on somebody else’s computer and do not have the privileges to install the video-downloading application. In that situation or if you simply do not want to install an extra program on your computer, you can take advantage of the various websites which provide video downloading features in the same way as the installable programs. Some of these sites even allow downloading the HIGH DEFINITION (HD) YouTube videos and videos from other video hosting websites.

I feel that the following 3 websites are great such sources; read each entry and use the one that suits your preferences best.


keepHD is a very simple-to-use website with a URL field located in the top right. After feeding in the URL of a YouTube video, we can watch it or choose to download it in various formats.

keepHD supports only YouTube videos (simple and HD ones). My favorite part about keepHD is its neat interface and the absence of online ads.


KeepTube is another great YouTube video downloading resource. It even has a Firefox extension which performs the same function. Non-Firefox users can enter the URL of the YouTube video on KeepTube webpage and click on the DOWNLOAD button. We are then taken to the video downloading page where we can choose to download our video in different formats.

KeepTube does not allow users to stream their video before downloading and it has online ads. But it is better than keepHD in the sense that it supports many more video hosting sites and HD videos. A list of KeepTube’s supported sites and formats can be found here.


ClipNabber, the final entry in my list, is a great tool to download online videos. A great number of video hosting websites is supported.

The downside of this site is that the only lets users download videos in the FLV format.

If FLV formats are not a problem for you, then ClipNabber is a great option to go with. Otherwise this site can help you download the video from sites not supported by KeepTube or keepHD.

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