Control Your Startup Applications with WhatInStartup

If your computer starts up really slowly and takes a long time before you can use your installed applications, there is a good chance that unnecessary programs and files are being opened or initialized at the system startup. Finding out what these applications are and enabling/disabling them can be done by entering Run in the Start menu and typing MSCONFIG. Press the Enter/Return key and in the resultant window, your startup programs can be found in the Startup tab.

This is the most basic way to get control of your startup applications. But as you will soon realize after using this Windows native method, the program you disable often reappear re-checked and cause slower startups. Therefore one cannot rely on this procedure of controlling one’s startup application.

To gain full control of which applications run and do not run on the startup, download and install WhatInStartup.

WhatsInStartup is a freeware utility from NirSoft, creators of other such useful freeware utilities.

The size of WhatsInStartup is less than 50KB and the program needs to installation. Simply extract the downloaded archive and you will be all set to use the program by opening the EXE file titled WhatInStartup.

The first difference you will notice between this program and Windows’ startup applications manager, is that in this little freeware you get to view a lot more attributes of the startup program.

Suppose there is a program listed in the startup list but you are not sure if it is a system file or an unnecessary program file. Checking out the attributes listed ahead of the program entry can greatly help you decide whether you want to disable the program from starting up.

Another feature of this great program is that it helps you permanently disable startup entries. This is done via WhatInStartup’s Permanent Disable Mode feature. This feature can be enabled in the Options menu:

If a program that you previously disabled added itself again to the startup list of Windows, WhatInStartup will automatically detect the change and disable it again.

WhatInStartup is a tiny program yet highly useful; since it supports all Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 till Windows 7, countless people can benefit from it. If you are a Windows user, give WhatsInStartup a try yourself and really control what starts up as you turn your system on.

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