Choose What Page Opens When A New Tab Is Created

Not too long ago the only browser war existed between the Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. Even that cannot be really called a war since the choice heavily relied on the operating system: Windows users used Internet Explorer and Mac users used Netscape Navigator.

Today however the browser choices are many and almost all of them are cross-platform. Regardless of what operating system you run you have at least four options of internet browsers to choose from. Finding themselves in this highly competitive situation, internet browsers seek newer ways to excel in every way. During the construction and improvement of a browser, special attention is paid to each and every detail. The focus is on speed and user-friendliness.

But even though teams of people work on a single browser, they are still people, human beings. Mistakes are made and sometimes very basic features are overlooked which could provide great convenience to the browser’s users.

One such overlooked feature is related to browser tabs. When tabs were introduced they provided a great way to minimize the number of our browser windows and have all our pages open in the same browser window. But since then the tabs have not been developed extensively. A common problem is that a user is not able to choose the default page which is opened when a new tab is created. This problem is in all browsers I have tried and so far did not have any remedies.

Today we cover a remedy I found for the mentioned tab-related problem. It is a browser add-on titled NewTabURL.


NewTabURL is a free browser add-on compatible with the Firefox and Flock internet browsers. With this nifty add-on downloaded and enabled, one can choose what page opens when a new tab is created. This can be done by accessing the add-on’s options:


A user can choose to have a blank page, the home page, the current page, or a defined URL open up whenever a new tab is created. You can also choose to have the copied-to-clipboard URL open in the new tab which you create.

NewTabURL is a wonderfully simple solution to a problematic situation. This add-on like a lot of browser add-ons was not created by a browser company but an external developer. This is proof that the browser developers need to build their products more meticulously and pay the maximum attention to the user’s needs.

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