My Movies 3 Launched For Windows 7 Media Center

Do you use your PC to watch and play DVDs and Blu-ray movies?  Do you burn your disks to your PC or to a server to watch later?  If you can answer yes to either of these questions then My Movies 3 is right for you.  My Movies 3 is a great free program that helps you manage your movie collection and can also display it on a media center like Windows 7 Media Center with lots of rich information like movie summaries, DVD covers, reviews etc

Collection Management

The My Movies Collection Management product lets you maintain and manage your entire movie collection, letting you add your movies with high-quality meta-data from our online service. You can either manage titles that you have stored on your computer, or home storage device, or you can manage titles you have on the shelf in your home, to bring you in control of which movies you have, including all details about each movie.  To add movies to your collection is as easy as entering the movie title or the barcode of the movie which you can even scan with a webcam.


Once the right movie has been selected it is added to the database along with rich movie information including release dates, descriptions, artwork, ratings, cast details etc – all automaticially:


Media Center

If you use Sage TV, XBMX or Windows Media Center then you use the data created by the collection tool to enrich the inbuilt movie libraries.  If you use Windows Vista Media Center or Windows 7 Media center, then My Movies 3 has its own great addon for Windows Media Center that allows you to navigate and enjoy your movie collection.  You can quickly see what films you haven’t watched, sort by genre, age categories, actors etc and find the latest movies in your collection


My Movies 3 is simply one of the best free Media Center programs available.  If you want to learn more, click here.

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