How to find Out Online What Disease Your Symptoms Belong To

Going to a good doctor is the only option one should go for while experiencing or suspecting an illness taking over. However it could also be just flu and a doctor’s visit might waste time and money; therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to get an idea of what you might be down with.

Symptom Checker is one website that can help you do that.


Just like doctors, Symptom Checker reaches its conclusions based on the symptoms you face. The symptoms are categorized into two major categories: Adult and Child.

Say you’re an adult who is facing abdominal pain. Click on the ‘abdominal pain’ link:


Once you do that you will be presented with checkboxes to tick, in order to close in on your ailment. Let’s say that the abdominal pain you’re facing is a burning pain in the upper right abdomen, caused by stress, accompanied by abdominal swelling, and relieved by drinking more water. Click the relevant checkboxes and click on the ‘find causes’ button:


You are then presented with the possible diseases you might have. The most likely one is located on top and as you move downwards, the diseases become less likely. The condition you specified is due to at least one of the listed diseases:


Do keep in mind that while Symptom Checker is a great tool, by no means is it a substitute for a good doctor. But do give it a try the next time you’re down with something. It would only help to know more about the condition you’re in.

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