How to Check The Quality of your Internet Connection

pingtestbetaTo find the speed of your internet connections, you can use a number of free websites including this broadband speed test. These websites first ask you to choose a server; then they proceed to send data back and forth to the server from your computer. This way your download and upload speeds are both calculated.

While the speed calculating is certainly useful, it doesn’t necessarily reveal the quality of your connection. It doesn’t specify what services will run best on your connection and what won’t.

To find those, more useful details about your internet connection, visit Pingtest.


Pingtest is a website that lets you choose a global server and run some connection tests.

The first is a Packet Loss percentage test. ‘Packets’ are pieces of information which are transferred from the server to your system. If the packet loss percentage is greater than zero, then your connection needs to be looked into.

The second is the highly common Ping test; it is used to send packets of information to a server and check the round-trip time it takes i.e. time taken to the server and back. If you’ve chosen a recommended server by Pingtest, any good connection should give a ping test result of less than 100ms.

Ping tests can exhibit variation in their patterns. For instance running the ping test twice on the same server may give you a 32ms result difference. This variation is known as jitter. The lower the jitter, the better your connection. So the third internet test Pingtest runs is the Jitter test which calculates the jitter in your internet connection.

After running all these tests your internet connection is categorized in one of five categories; here’s how Pingtest has named and explained the categories:

  • Category A: “An excellent result! Expect all Internet applications to work very well assuming you have sufficient bandwidth.”
  • Category B: “Very good! Your connection should work well for any Internet application. Some online games may not perform optimally.”
  • Category C: “Acceptable. Your VoIP quality will suffer some, and you will have a disadvantage in many online games. Most streaming media will be fine. You should try testing again to another server close to you.”
  • Category D: “Concerning. Most online applications will not perform well but should function in some capacity. Try testing to other servers to verify the result. You might need to contact your ISP for help.”
  • Category F: “Very poor. Real-time Internet application performance will suffer greatly on such a connection. Test to other servers to confirm the result, but definitely talk to your ISP about troubleshooting the issue.”


Pingtest is a great tool from the same people behind the highly popular Speedtest. If ever in doubt about your internet connection quality, head on over to Pingtest to confirm or subside your fears.

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