Sending Voice Emails Online Made Easy with BlindSpeak

I have recently confronted a handy web application that kind of works like your answering machine except your messages are being sent online and received via email. It can prove to be quiet a useful service for those who have to read tons of emails everyday and do multi-tasking at the same time. Blindspeak is a free service that lets you send audio messages to your friends and family online.


Designed to have a very simple interface, Blindspeak is really easy to use.

Blindspeak is exactly like in the screenshot pasted above. In the top text box, you type the email of the recipient, as audio files are emailed to your contacts. Next, you can choose whether the message is played in a male or female voice. The two ‘human’ figures to the right of the text box indicate the maleness of femaleness; green is male, pink is female.

In the lower text box, you write your message, and Blindspeak generates and emails the audio file according to whether you have chosen the green or pink icon. You can also preview your message by clicking the “Preview button” before sending it.


Still being in its beta stage, Blindspeak is currently being tested out. It does have some unlikable issues such as every audio message beginning with a short message that the audio is brought to you by Blindspeak. Moreover, there is a limit to how many recipients you can send messages: five messages per day.


Once the link has been sent, the recipient will be emailed with a link that will lead him to your voice message online. It’s really as simple as that.


Blindspeak can be a refreshing way to enliven your messages.

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