Increase Your Page Impressions with Wowzio Widget

wowzioWowzio is one of the best gadgets a blogger can use. With a focus on blogs, Wowzio’s technologies are based around providing widgets that help make your blog more accessible to its readers as well as allowing to spread the word about your blog!

The widgets on offer help in making your blog more `alive’ and interactive , how? Lets say you use Wowzio’s Feed Content Widget, this little utility will allow you to display snippets of the 50 most recent posts that have occurred on your website, on the front page (if you wanted)!

Think about it, your users will get an idea of what other stuff is there to read up on (in case they missed it or just because its just really interesting!)

That’s just one here are the other widgets that are equally as useful:

Gallery Widget: Finds all the pictures on your blog and creates a neat photo gallery to browse through! If you click on the photos it will take you to the related post!

Panoramic slideshow: like the gallery widget except it finds all photos on your blog and instead of showing multiple photos in one box it slides from one photo to the next

Live Activity Widget: shows who is on your website and what article/post they’re reading in realtime!

Tag Cloud widget: Checks your content and tags and then updates the cloud according to recency , frequency and placement.

Wowzio is definitely one of the ultimate widgets you should give a try and you never known it may not increase your daily page impressions but also your Adsense revenue.

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