How to look for Word Defintions With Examples

wordnikFor many people one of the most tiresome things to do is to look up words in the dictionary, not only that but you need to make sense of the usually hard to understand explanations given. Nowadays a large number of people use the net to look up their words because it is much faster, and convinient, but usually they end up still unsure on how to use the word. That is where Wordnik comes in action. It is  an online dictionary with a very welcome twist.

Like most up and coming web dictionaries Wordnik has all the basics down which provide definition of word, list a few synonyms (i.e. equivalent words)  list a few antonyms (i.e. opposites words) and that as far as most simple dictionaries go but Worknik breaks those boundaries!

Not only does it provide the basic functions mentioned above but it also contains a unique dictionary with examples of the word used in sentences. It then leaps ahead with an original function. It actually will go through Twitter conversation and pick out sentences with the word you were looking up to give you an idea on how its used.

It doesnt stop there it also will show comb through Flickr to find images that actually relate to the word! If that doesn’t embody unique I dont know what does!

The features then just keep adding from there

  • Audio pronunciations.
  • Statistical data (how popular or rare is the word you’re looking up)
  • The origin of the word (i.e. Etymology)
  • Anagrams
  • Even points that you get if you used the word in a game of scrabble!

To get start visit Wordnik and enter the world you want to search e.g I’ve searched for “Transportation” here.


Once done it will come up with the definition of the word along with examples (used in sentences)


Unlike conventional dictionaries though Wordnik welcomes ALL kinds of word that means colloquial and/or slang terms are featured just as much as textbook words are. To look up a word there’s no need to sign up – however registering is free and useful if you’d like to add a word.

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