How to setup time limit for any website you visit

I will have to admit that I’m a little addicted to Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg. There are times when I will just sit on a website and browse around for nothing and at the end of the day I’d realize that I have wasted so much time.

Today, I have stumbled upon a website that might play an important role in stopping me from wasting time on Social Media Websites. Not really sure how much it would work but I guess it’s totally worth giving it a shot.

MinutesPlease is a free web service that allows you to setup time limits for any websites you visit. The process is really simple and should not take more than 10 seconds to setup the whole thing.

To get started simply log-on to and

  • Enter the Url of the website you want to cut down on use
  • Set time limit and
  • click “Please”


Alternatively you can always type the url of the domain manually you want to visit and add the time. For example if you want to visit for 10 minutes type

Another way to use MinutePlease service is by using their Bookmark toolbar. Simply go to any website then click from any site for a 10 minute limit. Once the limit is set it will show you count down so that you can extend the time if you wish to continue using that web page.


Check out MinutesPlease

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  2. May 25, 2011 at 3:25 am #

    An alternative that works on all browsers and actually blocks the websites when the time limits are reached is iFreeFace

  3. JCLUVSME77 October 11, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    this is such a great tool .. will have to give it a try.. THANK YOU!

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